INTERNATIONALLY acclaimed Wirral artists, The Singh Twins are exhibiting a specially commissioned piece at the Museum of London.

Amrit and Rabindra Singh are credited with pioneering a unique style in British contemporary art through their modern development of the ancient Indian miniature tradition.

Their new work is a cityscape representing British Asian achievement in the UK, and focuses on the 19th century Indian Mutiny, or First War of Indian Independence, and its contemporary social, economic and cultural impact.

Titled EnTWINEd, the commission responds to the Museum of London’s 1857 and 1858 paintings by Nelson O’Neill, called Eastward Ho! and Home Again.

The first shows British soldiers embarking a ship and the second details them disembarking after completing their tour of duty.

Amrit and Rabindra adopt the notion of disembarkation to develop an image of the Indian diaspora, and show independence campaigners like Mahatma Gandhi, alongside Indian veterans of the First and Second World Wars, disembarking from a ship to a cityscape backdrop featuring prominent Merseyside and UK buildings.

The Singh Twins said: “As the region we have grown up, worked in and been inspired by as artists, our creative relationship with Merseyside goes back two decades.

“So it’s a matter of great pride to be able to showcase our home region through our art, at two of London’s most central and prestigious venues.”

The twins even appear, in the bottom right, wearing official Singh tartan to symbolise British and Indian cross-cultural influence.

Also featured in the work, among the clouds, are freedom-fighters, Guru Gobind Singh, Shiva Ji and Maharaja Pratrap.

The work sits alongside O’Neill’s paintings, and marks the first of two successes for The Singh Twins in London [whose exhibition, ‘Contemporary Connections:The Singh Twins’, received over 60,000 visitors during its run at the National Portrait Gallery from March to June this year].




Poster, gouache and gold dust on conservation mountboard

Artist: Amrit & Rabindra KD Kaur Singh


Internationally acclaimed Wirral artists, The Singh Twins reveal their specially commissioned work for the Museum of London

Jun 23 2010 by Matt Hurst, Heswall News

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