Following on from their first publication, ‘Twin Perspectives’  which was published in 1999, this book brings together some of the major commissioned projects and series of works completed by The Singh Twins from 1999 to 2005 - including the ‘Iqbalnama Series’, ‘Hart and Blake Projects’, ‘Facets of Femininity Series’, ‘The Art of Loving Series’ and the ‘SPOrTLIGHT Series’.

The 80 pages are printed in full colour with 36 full page plates (each accompanied by a  commentary), 3 half page plates and decorated with details throughout.

The contents include:

An Introduction by the Singh Twins which discusses the significance of the book's hyphenated title, which connotes both separateness and integration. 

A Foreword by the City Gallery, Leicester, UK

Two essays written by Dr. Geoff Quilley, Curator of Maritime Art at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, UK. and by Dr. Veronica Sekules, Head of Education and Research at the Sainsbury Center for Visual Arts at the University of East Anglia, UK. 

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